Gamma Crash
Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash Gamma Crash

Gamma Crash

Gamma Crash has Delrin machined body and stainless steel weight rims, we are glad that this particular combination is getting popular again. Gamma Crash is very well made, it feels amazing on a string and it plays simply great. Connection of good performance, great feel and affordable price, that is Gamma Crash by C3yoyodesign.

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Manufacturer C3 Yoyo Design
Shape Butterfly
Response bind required / unresponsive
Weight (g) 64.7
Diameter (mm) -1- 57
Gap (mm) -2- 4.5
Width (mm) -3- 43.1
Ball Bearing -4- C
Axle -5- 12mm M4
Response system -6- Thin Pads (19mm)
Style 1A / 3A / 5A
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C3yoyodesign was established in 2009 by founders Walter Wong, Simpson Wong and Ron Chan. 

In 2012, founder Simpson Wong used the C3yoyodesign “BTH” to set the new and current World Record for the long sleeper – 30 minutes 28.3 seconds (as approved by the American Yo-yo Association). Since then C3yoyodesign has built a reputation for producing some of the finest designed Yoyos in the world, combining premium grade materials with master craftsmanship. 

In the same year, C3yoyodesign, KIKSTYO and 44Clash Japan collaborated to develop and design the C3yoyodesign “Glitter”, a truly unique yoyo that signified the crossover between Yoyoing and street fashion.

C3yoyodesign is now expanding its business around the world. From Hong Kong to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and USA. By introducing Yoyoing as a sport to various societies around the world, our aim is to show how Yoyoing inspires the creativity and imagination of teenagers.