Duncan 5A Counterweight Set

Duncan 5A Counterweight Set

Duncan 5A Counterweight Set contains total 3 counterweights for "freehand" style of yoyoing. In the set you can find 2x dice and 1x soft ball.

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Duncan is one of the oldest and best-known toy makers. Founded during the Great Depression, the story of Duncan Toys is unique: one full of curiosity and invention that could only be fueled by the uniquely entrepreneurial spirit of America.

For over 85 years, we have crafted classic skill toys for every generation. From schoolyard demonstrators selling hand-carved wooden yo-yos, to modern champions touring the globe, the way we play is always changing, but the reasons we play are not. We are committed to engaging children of all ages and all generations with top quality toys. Whether you are shopping for your child or for your own inner child, we believe that our toys will help you find your inner fun.