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Advanced yoyos (Nonresponsive)

This category gathers all advanced aka non-responsive yoyos (it only returns with trick called the Bind). Unresponsive feature of yoyo allows yoyo player perform much harder and complex tricks.

Yoyo player can control unresponsive yoyo much better, it does not return back to his hand when he’s tricking but only when he calls it back with the Bind.

If you are a beginner, we rocommend starting with responsive yoyos.

In general, there are 3 material which yoyos are made of:

  • Plastic Yoyos – most inexpensive yoyos. We recommend them to everyone, who is looking for the first unresponsive yoyo and doesn’t want spend a fortune.
  • Metal Yoyos – great for intermediate and pro players. Metal yoyos can perform any trick and they have longer Sleeper time and stability.
  • Bimetalová yoya – for all the pro players out there. High-end yoyos with great features. Best for competing.

Even though there is usually one extra string in packaging, we recommend getting at least ten more extra strings. You can not go wrong with Yoyofactory strings or Kitty Strings, these are our favorites.


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