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Big C3Yoyodesign RESTOCK

Through out the summer we ran out of most of the yoyos so it was time to do a big restock.

We (and probably also the customers) were missing mostly the yoyos from the C3yoyodesign, which we cooperate with for many years already. Tomáš Bubák was representing this company since the year 2013 for 6 years, after that Kuba Velek joined the team instead of Tomáš. If you don’t know Kuba yet, it the right time to check out his Instagram account.

Before we introduce the new yoyos from C3, check out the videos with both of the mentioned players.

Cyber Crash & Laevateinn

Cyber Crash is a yoyo from C3yoyodesign from Hong Kong. It is a high quality metal yoyo, which is available for a revolutionary price starting at 33 EUR. You will hardly find a better yoyo in this price range. Its simple V-shape is ideal for slightly advanced yoyo players. If you know how to bind, nothing will stop you with this yoyo – you can easily do any horizontal tricks or grind tricks.

This yoyo is proof that even for little money can get a lot of fun. We recommend Cyber ​​Crash to everyone, it will not disappoint you for sure!

Laevateinn is brand new yoyo from C3yoyodesign. It is one of the most affordable metal yoyos at our shop. However he quality of Laevateinn is comparable to yoyos in 50USD price range. Its beedblasted surface makes the grinds really smooth and thanks to the wide shape it is really easy to hit any trick.

Same as with other C3yoyodesign yoyos, on the side of the yoyo you’ll find beautiful and stylish engravings.


Contrail is a new yoyo from C3yoyodesign and it is made for one of the best 4a players alive – the legend named Rei Iwakura. You can see similar features as in his last signature yoyo Flawless, however thisone is lighter and smaller which gives him faster feel.

Speedaholic XX

They adjusted the design for today’s performance and they’ve done very good job. It is a unresponsive yoyo with concave bearing and very smooth surface perfect for grinds.

We consider Speedaholic XX as one of the best plastic yoyos we every had in our hands! It is very smooth, quite and just so nice to play with!

As you can see in the pictures,C3 decided to keep the fingerspin hubs same as with the previous model. If you are looking for a REALLY smooth and fast yoyo, Speedaholic XX is the one for you!

Krown St.

Since 2013, when Shinya Kido joined the team, C3yoyodesign launched the signature model “KROWN”. In the past 7 years, the “KROWN Series” has been formed, and each update brings you a different surprise.

“KROWN.st” combine the Shinya style and high speed playing. It is also a all round yoyo for everyone.

Redesign the bimetal “KROWN.st” series big straight line body shape, and keep comfortable feel of single metal “KROWN”, we design the stainless steel outer ring to be rounder shape, and no more sharp edge. In addition, the 63.7 grams of stainless steel ring and aluminum alloy in new weight distribution design, the yoyo feeling is light and strong, you can feel a strong sense of explosion and speed while spinning, it is not easy to out of control when doing rail combo in high speed, the ejection movement track is super stable, and you can strongly feel the feedback while yoyo hit back on string. It is like a mixture of the character of previous bimetal KROWN.st and feeling of single metal “KROWN”. “KROWN.st” bring a new feeling to the series!

That’s it for now. See you next time! Peace 👊

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