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I need help, I have a question, who should I contact?

We are glad to help with anything we can, please contact us at  info@slusny.net or call +420 778 052 444 (MON – FRI 10:00 – 18:00).

You can also ask us at our retail store in Prague 2, Czech Republic.

I have just placed an order, when can I excpect my package to arrive?

All products on our website are physically in stock, we ship all orders the next following working day. If you place the order before 9 am CET, we’ll ship out the package same day. The delivery time depends on type of shipping that you have chosen.

If you choose to pay your order online with credit card / bank transfer / Paypal we will ship your order right after we receive the payment.

If you choose order pick-up at our retail store, your order is ready right after placing the order.

I have sent my order two weeks ago but still did not recieve it…

When the delivery takes longer than the certain type of shipping should, there may have been a error. It can be error from our side (did not pair the payment, did not receive the order) or it can be mistake of a delivery company (lost package, could not reach a consignee).

In any trouble with the delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

How can I pay for my order?

Cash – when choosing “Cash on Delivery” (only CZE & SK) or “Store Pick Up”

Credit Card – in our retail store or online at our eshop.

Bank Transfer / GoPay / Paypal 

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Is there warranty for the products from SLUSNY yoyo shop ?

Yes, all our products are by law covered by 2 year warranty. The warranty applies for production flaw, not for damages caused by inappropriate use of the product (hitting the ground, stripping the axle, incorrect manipulation of the ball-bearing etc.).

We always look for the positive way how to solve claims. Please contact us if there is anything wrong with your order or with delivered products.

When and how can I return my yoyo?

You can return your product without any specific reason in maximum of 2 weeks (send it back to SLUSNY yoyo shop – Ing. Jakub Kroutil, Budečská 39, Praha 2, 12000). You should include original packaging and all accessories that belong to the product. You can also return the product in case of claim. Please contact us before any of these returns.

My yoyo just broke. What should I do?

Do not worry, just contact us and describe the problem. Usually these are just minor flaws that can be fixxed. If there is a production problem, the product can be replaced/refunded as a claim.


How to choose a first yoyo?

Our tips on how to choose a yoyo are to be found in this section.

What are responsive / unresponsive yoyos and what is “bind” ?

Responsive = yoyo, that spins at the end of a string but returns with just a pull up of hand. These yoyos are great for beginners and learning the basic tricks.

Unresponsive = yoyo, that spins at the end of a string, it does not react to pull up of hand, it only comes back with “Bind”. These yoyos are good for advanced tricks, not for starting players. 

Bind = speciální typ triku, přes který se vrací do ruky neresponsivní/pokročilá yoya.

How often should I change the string? What is the right lenght of my yoyo string? 

Our tips on how to change a string and how to set its lenght are here.

Which kind/type of string should I use? How to choose a yoyo string?

Check our tips on how to choose a string here.

What is the best yoyo? Is this yoyo better than the other yoyo?

There are some yoyo features that can be specified (material, responsive/unresponsive, dimension etc.) but it is quite hard to say which yoyo is the best, or if any yoyo is better than the other one. But there is the best yoyo for certain player at certain level of his skill. Because it simply fits him most and matches his style and level of play. So the best yoyo is simply the one that you fits your style and level. Professional bimetal, expensive yoyo will be useless for beginner. Player that prefers complex technical tricks may prefere smaller yoyo, other player will maybe rather use larger or lighter yoyo etc. 

My yoyo does not spin…

To be able to make yoyo spin there is several things that need to be checked. At first, your yoyo needs to be a modern yoyo with ball-bearing. Then check your string, it has to be correctly put around the ball-bearing. If both of these things are correct and yoyo still does not spin you need to practise your throw and make sure you throw straight and strong enough. Check our tips on how to throw yoyo correctly here. 

Why and how should I lube the ball-bearing?

Yoyo ball-bearings needs to be lubed for two reasons: 

1) Responsive yoyos – once they are not responsive enough, put couple drops of Loop/Response Oil to make them more responsive. 

2) Unresponsive yoyos – to increase the lifetime of ball-bearing and also to reduce the noise. Use no more than 3 drops of Long Spin oil.

My ball-bearing started to be suddenly really noisy and it became responsive…

In this case, you need to clean your bearing as it some dirt got inside (dust, pieces of string, hair, etc.)

Check our tips on how to clean you ball-bearing here.

How to take off my bearing ?

You need to take off your bearing in case you want to change it or clean it. This is how you do it.

How long does certain yoyo spin for? 

The maximum spin time (maximum Sleeper) depends on so many factors such as ball-bearing, string, response system and mainly the skill of a yoyoer. Therefore it is not possible to say what is the exact spin time of certain yoyo. 

What is a response system and how often should I change it?

Response system is possible for friction between yoyo and a string. It makes yoyo spin and also come back.

My yoyo is not coming back to my hand….

There are two types of yoyos depending on the way how you make them come back to your hand. The first one is responsive yoyo which comes back just on a pull of your hand. If responsive yoyo does not come back you just need to throw stronger to make it spin faster. If it does not come back even with strong spin you need to lube it with Loop/Response Oil.  

The second one is unresponsive yoyo which does not react to a pull of your hand, this type of yoyo would only come back on a Bind. What is and how to learn Bind can be found here.

I cannot wind up my yoyo, the string is still spinning and not winding up…

Yes, this is correct. Inside each modern yoyo is free spinning ball-bearing (otherwise the yoyo would not spin). You need to wind up modern yoyos in special way, this is how you do it.