Kitty Strings (NEW)

From: 75

Kitty Strings (NEW)

From: 75

KittyString introduces a newly developed technology called “Inverse” It will be reborn as a higher performance string.

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You can choose from 3 different types:

  • Normal – Perfect for everyone who likes classic size and lenght of strings.
  • Fat – slighty thicker then Normal strings, better for slack tricks
  • XL – very thick string, easy to bind with.
Inverse is the industry’s first technology for string with two tensions in one string.
The areas where the tension is divided with two parts the “Area to attach to the yo-yo” and the “Trick play area”.
By softening the tension of the “Area to be attached to the yo-yo”, the force and gravity when throwing the yo-yo can be directly transmitted, and the installation surface of the bearing and string will not resist with the tension of string that gives a stability, so that the yo-yo is more centered than ever. 
The “Trick Play Area” is a new string that retains the optimum quality for yo-yo tricks as before.
The new package artwork is designed by Titifreak, and new Kitty String logo is designed by Jun Mikami.

Sold by 10 or 100 pieces

Additional information

Weight 150 g



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