Saber Trick Pro


Saber Trick Pro


Plastic yoyo made by korean brand YJYOYO and printed on 3D printer.



It is a model closer to the purpose of collection rather than yo-yo performance. Please read the product page thoroughly before purchasing.
This product is a forced return product for one-handed play, but due to the nature of the 3D printer yo-yo
There may be severe tremors. It is a yo-yo with no difficulty in enjoying the technique except for the shaking.
The rim of the yo-yo may be sharp during the printing process. Please use it after smoothing the sharp part with polished sandpaper.
**Bearing noise may be severe due to strong rotation. If there is noise, be sure to wash and dry
Please reassemble and try again. When locking the yo-yo, be sure to use the palm of your hand so that it is no longer locked.
please lock it Please be careful as there is a risk of damage to the bearing seat when locking with more than a certain force.
Parts of the bearing seat and bearings are easy to come off. Be careful not to lose it
Due to the structure of the yo-yo, when the bearing is installed, the shield must be removed before installation is possible.
The axis of this product may be damaged when the easy-trick slim bearing is installed.
Be sure to use only one-hand large-diameter C-size bearings with open shields.
(This product is equipped with open-shielded bearings as standard)
This is an upper-intermediate level product. It is not recommended for beginners who lack proficiency as it has strong rotational power.
Since the rim is sharp, it is safe to use it after sufficiently grinding the sharp part with sandpaper.

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