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If you bearing does not spin well, suddenly stops, makes too much noise and turns your yoyo responsive you need to clean it. After certain time, dust, pieces of string, hair or other dirt gets into your ball-bearing. It is the reason why it needs to be cleaned.

To clean your ball-bearing you will need: Zippo lighter petrol, clean and dry container with lid, pin, napkin and oil.

Take out your ball-bearing, We recommend to also take the side covers out of the bearing (it is not necessary though) and do not put them back after cleaning, we use all ball-bearing without the covers. Pour Zippo lighter petrol into the container, put the bearing inside, cover with lid and shake. You can keep the bearing in the petrol for couple hours but couple minutes should be enough. Take your bearing out, let it dry on the napkin. 

We recommend lubricating the ball-bearing with 1-3 drops of yoyo oil. It may make the bearing responsive for couple hours but after that, bearing will spin more quit and more smooth. Without lubricating, bearing will spin dry, longer and faster but also more noisy and it may shorten its lifetime.