Mowl M+
Mowl M+ Mowl M+ Mowl M+ Mowl M+ Mowl M+

Mowl M+

Mowl+ is very special yoyo with aluminium body and stainless steel double weight ring. We love this throw as it is fun to play, it looks beautiful and it is also powerful. Definitely another great throw by Mowl.

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Manufacturer Mowl
Shape Butterfly
Response bind required / unresponsive
Weight (g) 66.7
Diameter (mm) -1- 55.4
Gap (mm) -2- 4,7
Width (mm) -3- 43,5
Ball Bearing -4- C
Axle -5- 8mm M4
Response system -6- Thin Pads (19mm)
Style 1A / 3A / 5A
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mowl japan

Mowl, is just like Fist Salud, a brand led by Eiji Okuyama from Japan. Eiji is 2x World Champion and he returned to yoying and decided to produce his own yoyos. Every Mowl product is introduced with high-quality video production and Eiji pays attention not only original yoyo designs, but also for unique graphics and overall appearance. Everything is worked out in tiny detail, as you could expect from the Japanese.