Recess Cap
Recess Cap Recess Cap

Recess Cap

Five panel cotton twill Cap with brass hardware, each features a new "Recess!" logo embroidered by John Wolfe of Spontangus.

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Manufacturer Recess
Materiál 100% Cotton
Shoulder width (mm) -1- -----
Waist width (mm) -2- -----
Length (mm) -3- -----
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Recess is slightly rebellious yoyo company. No wonder, when it is led by American Tyler Severance. At first, Tyler was member of SPYY team, then YoYoFactory team and eventually he decided to start his own brand to make yoyos. And it is doing well! In the Recess team you can find yoyo stars such as Ky Zizan, Ahmad Kharisma or Andrew Bergen. At the moment, Tyler is touring schools and places in America demonstrating and teaching yoyoing. We really appreciate and support this active approach.