Top-Yo Refraction
Top-Yo Refraction Top-Yo Refraction Top-Yo Refraction Top-Yo Refraction

Top-Yo Refraction


We have seen a lot of aluminum + stainless steel outer rim and pom + stainless steel outer rim yoyo,
I always want to do something different. That is to say, but also to clarify that we are not the first brand to do this structure.
So I set out to design a straight line shape that is simpler for speed-like moves.
The spherical sphere of refraction is a standard straight-line yoyo from the macroscopic point. To be honest, the lines that I want to make are more simple, but in order to avoid suspicion, passively adding some cut surfaces, this is a very helpless reality, but also very realistic helplessness.
The outer ring has a weight of 18.5g, which is a very heavy weight, but the total weight of the ball is only 63.5g.
This makes it explosive, and it can still be response with strong spinning after completing a long combo.In terms of outer ring color, we use some relatively new plating colors such as purple plating-I hope to add some diversity to a single transparent color.

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Manufacturer Top-Yo
Shape Butterfly
Response bind required / unresponsive
Weight (g) 63.8
Diameter (mm) -1- 57.1
Gap (mm) -2- 4.4
Width (mm) -3- 43.90
Ball Bearing -4- Center Trac C
Axle -5- 10mm M4
Response system -6- Thin Pads (19mm)
Style 1A / 3A / 5A
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There are many Chinese yoyo manufacturers but Top-Yo is one our favorites. Before we included this brand in our assortment, we have had samples sent and tested all the models. The quality and production precision were both surprising. Top-Yo is not the highest quality manufacturer in the world, but its models have an excellent price / performance ratio. That's why Top-Yo yoyos definitely have reason and place at our store.