CLYW Tshirt - Compass 1

CLYW Tshirt - Compass 1

Black CLYW Tshirt with small Compass logo printed on the front side.

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Manufacturer CLYW
Materiál 100% cotton
Shoulder width (mm) -1- L 470
Waist width (mm) -2- L 560
Length (mm) -3- L 760

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CLYW is a premium return top company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Started by retired mechanical engineer Chris Mikulin in 2004, CLYW combines art, craft, and technology to create some of the best performing return tops in the world. Our award-winning team of return top players win contests from Canada to Japan, and are considered some of the best in the world. CLYW team has one of the best yoyo players such as Zach Gormley, Andrew Maider and Tessa Piccillo from USA.