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Have you just got your first yoyo and you do not know what to do? Check out tips!

After unpacking your yoyo, you need to attach the string to your yoyo, wind it up and set up the correct lenght. We will show you how to do it in the video.

Once you set up your string, yoyo is ready to play. Before you throw, you always need to make sure the string leads to the upper part of the yoyo (not lower part) from your finger. Always check when your palm is facing up. Also make sure that you throw straight and strong enough.

Sometimes you make mistake, yoyo stops and you need to wind it up. As there is spinning ball-bearing inside you need to wind up yoyo in a special way. Check the video to learn everything what to do for your first correct throw. Below you can find recommended yoyos to start with.