Fidget Ninja Spinner

After a year of development, YoYoFactory is ready to introduce the Pivot series of yoyos. This technology, which started with the Basecamp Sherpa yoyo, is being released for the first time on a modern performance unresponsive yoyo - Czech Point! The goal of the Pivot technology is to achieve the perfect finger spin! The magic is in a revolutionary two-piece design that allows all of the necessary rim weight to stay in place while offering a contoured finger spin cap and an uncompromising body shape. Experience the next evolution in finger spin technology with the Czech Point Pivot!

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Product Info
Manufacturer YoyoFactory
Weight (g) 45.4
Diameter (mm) 75,7
Width (mm) 7,3
Gap (mm) -----
Shape Spinner
Axle -----
Response system -----
Style 1A / 3A / 5A




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