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Ball-Bearings and Lubes

The ball-bearing can be found in almost every freestyle yoyo nowadays. Sometimes it is necessary to replace ball-bearing with new one (rust, broken, stuck, lost) or upgrade it (longer spin, less friction). Part of ball-bearings care includes lubrication and cleaning. When the ball-bearing is lubricated with lube / oil it will spin more quietly, its lifetime will increase, but it will become more responsive.

It may become responsive for some time, until the oil wears of. If you clean the ball-bearing (in lighter fuel, in kerosene), you will get out all the dirt, dust, bits of string, hair and the bearing will spin faster, longer, yoyo will be unresponsive but also a bit louder. Yoyo bearings differ in size and type.

A – small bearing, used in some Duncan yoyos, at Loop 360 and Velocity by YoyoFactory

C – a large bearing, it is used in 99% of today’s freestyle yoyos

D – metric bearing, previously used in some yoyos produced in Europe

Non-standard – bearings smaller than A, used in some looping yoyos and Mighty Flea

SPEC/FLAT – straight bearing, basic

Concave – bearing with curved profile, the string is held in the middle for less friction between yoyo and string

Center Trac / Pixel – similar to concave bearing, same features, sharper profile

Grooved – bearing with grooved line in the middle, keeps string in the middle more tightly

Half SPEC – narrow, straight bearing, for responsive yoyos


Lubes / Oils :