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Beginner yoyos (Responsive)

Choose your first yoyo right is very important. At first, the choice may seem complicated because there is lot of models and types. We have created a category of beginner yoyos. In this category you can find recommended yoyos for all yoyers who are just starting out with modern yoying.

Therefore you can safely choose one of the recommended yoyos without making mistake. All yoyos in this category are responsive (they come back with just a tug of your hand) and it makes them ideal for start of your yoyo career. We also recommend to order replacement strings or buy one of the starter sets.

Starter Sets:

  • Plastic yoyo ONE from Yoyofactory
  • 10 Strings
  • Yoyo Holder
  • Plastic yoyo ARROW from Yoyofactory
  • 10 Strings
  • Yoyo glove
  • Multitool
  • Yoyo Holder
  • Metal Yoyo V3 for beginners
  • 5 colorfull strings
  • Yoyo glove
  • Ball-bearing for advanced tricks
  • Tool for switching the bearings

All beginner yoyos:

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