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We find each claim as an unpleasant incident for our customers, therefore we do everything to be as helpful, quick and opened as possible while solving it. 

Our claim and return process follows Czech and EU law system. Buyer agrees with terms and conditions of SLUSNY YOYO SHOP same as with these claim and return rules below, please read both before ordering.

  • Warranty lasts for 24 months.
  • Warranty starts with the day of purchase, the same day as date on purchase receipt.
  • Claim applied after warranty period wont be accepted.
  • Make sure to keep your receipt, it is necessary for eventual claims.


  • For damage cause by inappropriate or violent treatment (yoyo hitting the ground, over-pulling the thread, removing the ball-bearing in a wrong way, etc.).
  • Changing the product apperance, shape or any other modifications.
  • Using the product under conditions that do not meet the conditions specified by the manufacturer.
  • Products damaged by natural elements.
  • Incorrect use of the product.
  • If you notice any damage of the box, please make sure to get damage confirmation from shipping company.
  • We know that most of problems can be fixxed easily by cleaning the ball-bearing, attaching the string properly or tuning the yoyo. Before returning your order to us, please always make sure to contact us by email or phone call. Our customer service is always happy to help.
  • Defective product that has production flaw or any reason to be returned/claimed needs to be shipped back to our company – SLUSNY – Ing. Jakub Kroutil, Budečská 39, Praha 2, 12000.
  • Please add defective product, order receipt and also description text of your claim, what is wrong with the product. 
  • Do not forget to add your contact – full name, address, email and phone number.
  • We usually offer money refund, replacing the product or repairing the product.