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Super wide shape, great stability and very unique feeling – that’s how we would describe the new Future from YJYOYO.

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Future is yoyo made for amazing performance thanks to its really wide shape. If you are looking for very unique yoyo, you just found it. Here is what YJYOYO says about the Future:

Our best result of the year. Super wide width,
Your choice to meet the earliest future yo-yo

The Future concept  POM wing Bimetal wide yoyo
the hook trick is now dominated by success rates and slacks.
Players are playing yo-yo much more roughly than in the past.
We imagined the future of yo-yo profile line and made extremely specification.
The FUTURE has a wide range of high success trick rates, protecting vibration problem from floor crash.
It’s a perfect yo-yo with powerful sleep power.
The balance structure we knew can’t make like this model without vibrating.
It is an impossible model that only succedeed one from many prototypes.
It feels like we’ve never used it before.
Trust us if you want brand new feeling.

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