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2021 Yoyofactory News!

The New Year is here and there is many news! Or at least when is comes to the American company Yoyofactory. We are talking about the hottest yoyos released just a few days ago. Let’s go!


Will is a little different than all the Yoyofactory yoyos you know. 
7075 grade allow with Stainless rims makes this a premium yo-yo. In a range of luxury colours this will be the choice of a discerening yo-yo player! It is created for Japan National Champion Akitoshi Tokubuchi who recently joined the Yoyofactory Team in Japan and inspires players with his unique tricks and flowing freestyle performances.

Following video will show you the Will in action – from Akitoshi himself!

Edge Infinity

This bimetal yoyo  made its debut at the world yo-yo contest in 2019 when the reigning world champion Evan Nagao took a single working prototype to the stage and put his heart and soul into a performance that took 2nd place in the contest. Let’s remember this performance once again. Since then there was no public release, we simply couldn’t produce the design. Evan didn’t want to settle for a compromise so we kept at it. 

December 2020, 18month after the first prototype we have a yo-yo!

Besides new products we also have new colors of already well-known yoyos. Specifically new color of Loop720 – nice and shiny Rayon Vert! If you want to start doing 2A (looping) this is the yoyo you want to go for.

Last but not least you can now get the Shutter Bimetal (Butter) in 6 new colorways!

That’s all for the January Yoyofactory news. Let us know in the comment section which yoyo did you like the most! If you are interested in more yoyo news, you can follow us on our Instagram !

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