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EYYC24 – European Yoyo Championship

EYYC is back! The top European players will gather in the hearth of Europe to compete for the title of the best European player!

In June we are going to meet in Wrocław, Poland. The 1000 year old city has plenty of venues but the organizers have decided to invite you to Łącznik Club. Łącznik – The Connector – is a part of an old tram depot complex. It is located between two huge tram halls, so the industrial atmosphere of that place is breathtaking.

The vibe of that place is magical, and so different festivals, concerts and other events.

Join us for an electrifying display of skill, artistry, and competition. Witness the continent’s best yo-yo masters as they battle for the title in an event like no other. Are you ready to be amazed? Spin into the action – where champions are made, legends are born, and the yo-yo becomes an art form.


Please review the following information regarding registration stages and ticket pricing:

Registration Stages:

  1. Early Bird Registration 1-5A (Until April 30th):
    • 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A: €20 + fees each
    • Bundle of all divisions: €70
  2. Standard Competitor Registration 1-5A (April 30th – May 31st):
    • 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A: €30 + fees each
    • Bundle of all divisions: €100
  3. Late Registration 1-5A (May 31st – June 16th):
    • 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A: €40 + fees each (no bundle available)
  4. 1A Women / Royal / Junior Divisions (Until June 16th)
    • €15 + fees

Please note:

  • The deadline for music upload and competitor registration is June 16th.


The MCs for the event are: Ann Bubák and Thuckeray. Ann, renowned as the “First Lady” of yo-yoing, brings her global recognition and passion for the sport to our stage. Her contributions have inspired many to explore the world of yo-yoing.

Thuckeray, a legend in the Polish yo-yo community, has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant yo-yo culture in Poland.

Please visit the official website for this event for more info! https://eyyc24.eu/

See you there!

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