From: 2149


From: 2149

Bimetal yoyo from american brand UNPRLD is here – Nostalgia!



UNPRLD about Nostalgia:

Nostalgia is our newest model, and it is the signature yo-yo of shuyun tang. the inspiration behind the name nostalgia was to emulate the feeling that we all have from prior yo-yo memories – fun times at contests, the grind for freestyles, learning new tricks, and all around just having fun with yo-yo. compared to the flashback, which was shuyun’s competition choice prior, the nostalgia sports a larger width to increase the ease of landing tricks in different zones, which is something that shuyun embodies in his yo-yoing frequently. it’s also larger in diameter and slightly heavier, allowing for technical tricks to be executed with confidence. in addition, nostalgia is our first bimetal with a capped rim design, allowing for an extremely long spin time, and it is also blasted in order to eliminate spin reduction when the yoyo comes in contact with any part of your body. the nostalgia is potentially our most well-rounded product yet, and it certainly is a staple for any player looking for a yo-yo that will take their tricks to the next level.

Designer’s note:

The nostalgia was a challenge for me to design as it was a new structural type that i have never seriously made before. the addition of the capped rim means that a new weight distribution (to unprld) would be introduced to the unprld lineup. we are releasing the second prototype. the first prototype we made, was significantly heftier than what the projections had anticipated. it is amazing how much stability the capped rim adds without adding any unnecessary weight.
i hope you enjoy this yoyo as much as i enjoyed designing it.


Additional information

Weight 65.5 g

, , ,







Diameter (mm)

Width (mm)

Ball Bearing


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