Porykon 5A Counterweight

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Porykon 5A Counterweight

From: 219

Porykon counterweights are here so you can step up your 5A game.

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PORYKON is brand based in Hong Kong and they specialize in 5A counterweights.
One of the guys behind this brand is 8-times Hong Kong 5A champion Danny Ko.

Porykon counterweights are one of the best on the market so if you want to step up your 5A game Porykon is here for you.

At the moment we offer 3 products by Porykon:

Porykon Saturn – Counterweight with super unique shape and rubber o-ring that will protect your hand and your yoyo.

Porykon O-ring set – Pack of replacment rubber o-rings for Saturn counterweight.

Porykon 2D – Set of two counterweight that you can use for alternative style of 5A called DOUBLE DICE.

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